Thursday, October 31, 2013

Union Dues Explained

Union Dues: 
Dues are required to run an efficient organization.  Just like businesses belong to their union-the Chamber of Commerce, the American Manufacturing Society,, etc.,  Lawyers belong to the American Bar Association- their union, Doctors belong to the American Medical Association- their union, and so on.  They have someone there advocating for them because it works.  People tithe to churches to keep them going,  we have to have insurance on our house, car, and motorcycle to protect them.
Initiation fees are waived for newly organized facilities.
  If you make $22 hr. and your dues are 2X the hourly rate plus $2 that would be $44+$2= $46.00 divided by 160hrs. per month it comes to just .29 cents per hour. If You and your IAM union negotiate just one .30 cent per hour raise- that would be enough to pay your dues virtually for life. If you work O.T. it would actually figure out to be less. That .30 cent increase in wages would also figure in to higher Social Security and retirement  benefits as well, and more on your paycheck when time and one-half is calculated. Those earning less than $16 hr. pay a flat $35 hr. If the IAM negotiated just one 3% raise it would equal $.66 hr. for someone making $22hr. That would be $1372 yr. without overtime accounted for. Anyone thinking that paying union dues is actually going to take money OUT of their pockets hasn't been paying attention- you've already lost out on 2 annual raises that will never be calculated into your base rate. Take time to calculate what you've already lost by being "union free". It hasn't been "free", it has cost you! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics- union members enjoy a $4 hr. advantage in all-important benefits. That equates to $656 more per month on a nation-wide average, or $7872.00 per year.  If the company cannot afford to give you a raise when they are making near- record earnings (thanks to you)- and even threatening a 15% wage cut- what do they plan to do when times are tough?
Vote-YES for a brighter future for ATK. A Happy Worker is a Productive Worker!

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