Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's Next?

It will take 7 days for the labor board to certify the election; during that time either side has the opportunity to file an objection to the conduct of the election; it doesn’t happen very often -if there were to be one, we would request the board would rule in a timely manner.
 What we do in the meantime-  the IAM will be assembling the team that will be facilitating the contract negotiations going forward- business representative, representatives from the grand lodge, etc.; those who work solely on negotiating and servicing contracts.  As soon as the election is certified and meetings can be scheduled you will nominate and elect your committee from within to serve on the negotiating team so some from the shop floor are present and provide vital insight.  At the same time the union will also send out employee surveys to get an in-depth read on the key issues. The union also makes requests for information from the company that is required prior to entering negotiations, etc.  Bottom-line is, they will get things moving ASAP.
All we ask is that everyone do everything they can to live by the rules of the employee handbook until we get a contract; that is what they’re supposed to live by until then as well.  Your protection against retaliation extends beyond the election so if there is any head-hunting be sure to document who, when, where, and who the witnesses are and get in contact with one of the union reps.

We hope there can be some healing between those for and those against so everyone can realize it is in their best interests to come together and get the best 1st contract possible.  Companies always seek to exploit divisions amongst employees, so it’s best to come together and support your negotiating team by sending a clear message you want a fair contract.

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